Enterprise Managed Security Solutions

OL Tech Zero Trust Security approach provides Multilayer Security for Network and Enterprise critical data.
OL Tech offers both managed Capex and managed rental Firewall or UTM for Enterprise needs under long term contracts. Our Zero Trust Policy offers: Multilayered and multi-directional security policy to secure Enterprise data at multistage scenarios. OL Tech fully emphasizes on Email security, application security, DLP and real time Data storage along with Gateway and End point security, to counter any cyber-attack and data security threat. Our 360* Network security solutions mitigate cyber threat from inside and outside the Organization network. Complete Cyber security for BYOD policy of the organization is also taken care of.

Fire wall & UTM

OLTech offer range Enterprise Grade firewall to achieved highest level of Cyber security & Securing from cyber threat. Our Aim to offer Next-generation firewalls (NGFW) which combine traditional firewall technology with additional functionality, such as encrypted traffic inspection, intrusion prevention systems, anti-virus, and more. Most notably, it includes deep packet inspection (DPI). While basic firewalls only look at packet headers, deep packet inspection examines the data within the packet itself, enabling users to more effectively identify, categorize, or stop packets with malicious data.

Our Firewall & UTM Principal OEM’S
Cisco Firewall, Cisco Meraki FortiGate UTM, Sophos Firewall, Checkpoint, Force Point, SonicWALL & Other enterprise firewall and UTM.

Cisco Firewall FortiGate UTM Sophos Firewall Checkpoint Firewall Force Point Firewall SonicWALL Firewall